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From despair to hope

  • November 04th, 2020
Uwimana Leonille, 44, from Muhanga is a widow and mother of five.
She used to live in bad condition and miserable life before Hope of Family reached out to her.
Uwimana Leonille
"I was in hopeless darkness but today I am very happy in light.You know, I was living a miserable life. My house was about to collapse on me. Now, hope of Family renovated it and connect it to the grid. I thank Hope of Family for the hope you restored in. I also thanks God." She said.

Hope of Family organization is a local NGO based in Muhanga District whose primary goal is to promote parental involvement in their children education while improving families’socio-economic status. Families and Hope of Family staff agree on the contract terms to sign in order to effectively support their children and raise their school performance. Parents agree to visit their children on the weekly basis, provide more after-school time for their revision, respond sooner to teacher’s or any other school leader’ invitation to discuss about the child’s learning. Hope of Family supports families that live in rural area, southern province of Rwanda.

This organization targets low-income families identified alongside with the local administration for the timeline of two years: Hope of Family staff work tirelessly to encourage parents about the importance of school and why imperative for parents to maximize the aid opportunity in the interest of their successful children’s education. These families must have children who are primary school students.

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