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Hope of Family donates over a million Rwandan Francs to locals after graduating from Adults Literacy Program

  • September 02nd, 2021
On 1st September, 2021, Hope of Family, a local non-governmental organization operating in Muhanga District in the Southern Province, donated Rwf 1,275,000, to support 260 people who have successfully completed the Adults Literacy Program.
Initially, Hope of Family has mobilised 500 adults in Kinini and Mubuga cells to enrol in the ADEPR and UBUZIMA BWIZA IWACU  offered Adults Literacy Program, among them, 260 graduated with success.
Mrs. Madeleine Uwamahoro, Hope of Family Field Activity Coordinator explains that the support provided to 260 graduates of adult literacy classes will enable them to run their development projects.
"After having completed the Adults Literacy program, we have decided to provide Rwf 1,275,000 to them, which will contribute to their economic development through their saving and Credits groups," Ms Uwamahoro said.
She added that the Hope of Family will continue to mobilise more funding so that the financial support can reach those who graduate from the Literacy program.
"Hope of Family encourages them to work together and improve the well-being of their families and the education of their children," Uwamahoro said.
Each group of 43 people received a support of Rwf 212,500 and has been helped to open a Bank Account in SACCO TERIMBERE Shyogwe.
Hope of Family is grateful to ADEPR Shyogwe and UBUZIMA BWIZA IWACU NGO for educating adults and helping them complete their literacy program successfully.
In addition to the above-mentioned partners, Hope of Family is very grateful to the administration of Shyogwe Sector for its contribution to the promotion of Adults Literacy for the local community.

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