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Hope of Family enrols new beneficiaries into its Extreme Poverty alleviation program

  • August 21st, 2021

On August 18th, 2021, Hope of Family, an active NGO which operates in the Southern Province of Rwanda, Muhanga District, Shyogwe Sector, enrolled 120 low-income families into its extreme poverty alleviation program.

The new beneficiaries are part of the second Cohort of two-year (2021-2023).

From these 120 families, about 170 vulnerable children from those households were identified as beneficiaries who will be supported in their primary education in addition to supporting their families (120) in improving their socioeconomic condition.

Mr. Mfateneza Emmanuel, the Executive Director of Hope of Family explains more about the new cohort of beneficiaries and the existing Cohort which started in 2018.

We have seen an increase in the number of beneficiaries. Why have you taken such an important decision?

Mr. Mfateneza: Hope of Family usually helps needy families where it helps them to get out of extreme poverty from the family through social welfare and their Children’ education. The beneficiaries are supported within the period of two years and thereafter, the families graduate from the program so that other vulnerable families are enrolled into the program. This year, 2021/2022, Hope of Family has registered 120 needy families to benefit from the family welfare and education for their children.

What are the initial programs for these new beneficiaries?

Mr. Mfateneza: New beneficiaries will be assisted in the following:

  • These new members have already been given Health Insurance for the year 2021/2022
  • New beneficiaries will be grouped into savings and loan groups, and the HoF will provide them with financial assistance to create profitable projects.
  • These families will be provided with hygiene kits to promote a cleanliness in the family
  • These families will be provided with a telephone and Radio to be able to provide and receive timely information
  • With the support from Hope of Family, these new beneficiaries will get kitchen gardens
  • Their children will be provided with School materials
  • Those who cannot read and write will be helped to go to adult Literacy program
  • Children will be helped to develop their talents
  • Parents will receive training on social welfare and children’s education

Up to now, how many beneficiaries have you reached?

Mr. Mfateneza: Due to the impact of Covid19 on the implementation of the HoF program, our services were limited to 100 families.

Hope of Family started to work with those beneficiaries from 2018 to date. As COVID 19 became a threat to our programs, there are services that were unable to provide to them that we are now planning to give them with the year 2021/2022. They will be given a training program and their children will be helped to develop their talents and this means that the 100 families will remain in the program for this year 2021/2022. So in total, Hope of Family will work with 220 direct beneficiary families composed of more than 1,100 family members.

How will you satisfy them?

Mr. Mfateneza: Our goal is that all 220 families should be able to help to improve their well-being and the education of children from these families. Hope of Family is committed to provide assistance to these families for the betterment of their livelihoods and the education of their children.

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