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Hope of family provided financial support to families in Muhanga

  • February 24th, 2021

Hope of Family, a local NGO operating in the Muhanga District, has provided financial support to 100 families living in the Shyogwe sector to set up a long-term project that could generate income for them.

our savings and loan groups have been set up for these families, where they can work together to generate income. After receiving this financial support, each savings and loan group has designed a long-term project that can be implemented to generate income. Two business projects, such as Pig and Chicken Farming, are now being implemented

The saving and loans group members are responsible for taking care of their projects, are responsible for searching pigs and chicken foods, and regularly treat those domestic animals in collaboration with the veterinary sector

Emmanuel Mfateneza, Executive Director, said, "Even if we provide financial support to these families, we are still helping them through the project implementation process.We are working with them on a regular basis to ensure that the project objectives are achieved sooner."


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