Hope of Family is registered in Rwanda under No 680/RGB/NGO/LP/10/2020.
We are thankful for Bylo Chacon Foundation for standing besides as our long term generous donor.

Hope of Family provides school material to 243 children

  • October 04th, 2022

Quality education matters for Hope of Family. In order to promote quality education by motivating children’s increased school enrollment and attendance, for this academic year 2022-2023 Hope of Family provided school materials namely notebooks, pens, math kit boxes to 243 children enrolled in Nursery and primary schools in Shyogwe sector where it operates. The supported children come from 220 families of beneficiaries under Hope of Family’s programs.

Surveys have shown that lack of basic of school materials such as uniforms, notebooks, pens are among key factors leading children from vulnerable families to dropout schools or not enroll at all.



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