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Hope of Family rewarded children who passed the National Primary School Examination 2021-2022.

  • October 05th, 2022

On October 04, 2022 Hope of Family rewarded students graduated in primary school

During the academic year 2021-2022, Hope of Family had 16 children studied in p6, they come from families of Hope of Family program beneficiaries.

Three (3) of the sixteen (16) children who took the National examination of primary schools in 2021-2022 are allowed to attend boarding school, while the remaining twelve (12) are allowed to attend nine years of basic education, Hope of Family rewarded the students moved in secondary school students by providing them with school material such as notebooks, pens, and math kits. This will assist those students stay focus on their studies and working hard for success.

We are grateful to the parents for being involved in their children's education. Hope of Family encourages them to continue providing revision time for children, assisting their children during lesson revision at home, visiting and attending school meetings.

Hope of Family is a Non-Governmental Organization whose main focus is to alleviate families from poverty through Children’ Education.



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