Hope of Family is registered in Rwanda under No 680/RGB/NGO/LP/10/2020.
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Muhanga district: Hope of Family hosted a learning workshop for Community Leaders and Community Health Workers on the best way to obtain high-quality data

  • March 26th, 2022

Hope of Family is a non-profit organization that operates project activities in Muhanga district's Shyogwe area. The mission of HoF is to reduce extreme family through strong and efficient child education. In this regard, Hope of Family has held a learning workshop for community leaders and Community Health Workers from the Shyogwe sector in Muhanga district on the best way to gather data on family welfare, stunting and malnutrition status among children under the age of five at the village level.


During this workshop session, HoF staffs discussed with Community leaders and Community Health Workers about the dimension of data quality and why it is critical to collect data with a high level of accuracy and dependability. This training covered the data collecting tools that would be used to collect data on village-level related to family well-being, as well as malnutrition and stunting among children under the age of five.

The data collected regarding family welfare is expected to be used by Hope of Family to find the appropriate intervention needed by community members. HoF will assist children with stunting and malnutrition symptoms in the community to fight against malnutrition and stunting. The Shyogwe sector and other partners will use those data to develop strategic planning for community development. Hope of Family helps low-income families to improve their socioeconomic status by supporting their children's education.

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