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People with disabilities proud of the support of Hope of Family

  • December 23rd, 2020

People with disabilities from Kinini Cell in Shyogwe sector of Muhanga district are appreciative of the support from a local NGO called Hope of Family, targeting the improvement of livelihoods among the beneficiaries.

In its activities, aimed at educating parents about the responsibilities of caring for their children's education, while improving the socio-economic status of families, Hope of Family helps various people, including people with disabilities.

Due to the support they have been receiving for up to two years, some people with disabilities are thankful to this organization for its role in combating the stigma they used to face.

“Hope of Family valued our rights; they recognize that ‘disability is not inability’. They renovated our houses and provided us with health insurance, pigs, radios and telephones among others. Now we are safe and enjoying our rights”, Niragire Annonciata, with visual impairment, says.

Venuste Nsengimana, is another beneficiary who is a deaf. He is happy of the pig he has got which he thinks will be a source of income for his family. Currently it provides manure to fertilize the fields.

Hope of Family Executive Director, Mfateneza Emmanuel says that they have children and adults with disabilities in their program. As they value human rights, they do not exclude them, so they will continue to care for them through saving and loan groups set by this organization.

 “We are so glad to tell you that inclusion is of great importance in our organization. Today we support children and adults with disabilities though saving and credits groups and other programs” He said.

Mfateneza added that they encourage Hope of Family beneficiaries to help people with disabilities in their daily activities.

Hope of Family has the mission of reduce extreme family poverty through strong and efficient children education. Apart from that, is thas primary goal which is to promote parental involvement in their children education while improving families’socio-economic status. Families and Hope of Family staff agree on the contract terms to sign in order to effectively support their children and raise their school performance. Parents agree to visit their children on the weekly basis, provide more after-school time for their revision, respond sooner to teacher’s or any other school leader’ invitation to discuss about the child’s learning


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