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Through Community of Practice, Peace Education Initiave Rwanda team had an interactive field trip to Hope of Family

  • October 31st, 2021

Through Community of Practice(CoP), Peace Education Initiave Rwanda (PeacEdu) team had an interactive field trip to HoF on October 29, 2021 ,. The goal of this field trip is to share best practices, challenges, and lessons learned from implementing financial practices throughout project implementation.


During this field visit, the HoF team demonstrated to the PeacEdu team how HoF apply financial practices to promote accountability during project implementation.

As part of the Community of Practice, the PeacEdu team visited HoF's beneficiaries. The beneficiaries informed them about the "Family File," which comprises a list of services and assistance that HoF provided to the family's beneficiaries.

Madeleine UWAMAHORO, HoF's Project Manager explained that HoF has introduced the "Family File" strategy among its beneficiaries in order to assist community members, partners, and other stakeholders in better understanding HoF's cause and promoting accountability among beneficiaries.

Albert Rutikanga, the founder and Executive Director of PeacEdu, acknowledged the HoF team's commitment and efforts to promote accountability during project implementation. According to him, PeacEdu team learned financial management skills that will aid in the improvement of their work system. He also praised the positive relationship between the two organizations.


East Africa Partnership Manager “Aimable Mpayimana “ from Bylo Chacon Foundation has joined the PeacEdu field trip to HoF. He explained that the Bylo Chacon Foundation has introduced a Community of Practice for their East African partners as a way of sharing best practices, challenges, and lessons learnt along the way to achieving our goals. Furthermore, He said CoP generates new knowledge in order to improve a professional domain while fostering inter-organizational collaboration. He expressed gratitude to both the HoF and PeacEdu for their contributions to promoting community of practices and organization’s accountability during project implementation.

HoF expresses its gratitude to Bylo Chacon Foundation for providing the funds to help the organization carry out its mission.




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