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What to celebrate on the International Literacy Day?

  • September 08th, 2021

Today as we celebrate International Literacy Day, the Executive Director of Hope of Family Mr. Mfateneza Emmanuel explains to us what Hope of Family has done to promote adults’ literacy in Shyogwe Community.

Hope of Family usually contributes to the promotion of literacy programs such as numeracy, writing and reading through Community Library by encouraging illiterate adults to join reading, counting and writing programs that are established at the community level.

Then adults who can read, count and write, Hope of Family encourages them to go to libraries in the community so that they can increase the knowledge that helps them improve the well-being of their families and improve the education of their children.

Hope of Family has set up a public library in the community that helps people improve their knowledge through reading books. This year 2020/2021, Hope of Family encouraged about 500 illiterate adults to go to adult Literacy school. 260 of them have now graduated. As the impacts of COVID 19 not all adults have completed the literacy program but are ready to continue learning.

 Graduates are also ready to attend the Hope of Family Public Library in the community and other public libraries.

What results do you see today or in the future?

When we analyze the results of the adult literacy campaign, we find that the knowledge gained by adults has benefited them in reading and writing and in enabling them to attend community libraries that help them, especially in improving the well-being of their families since they are able to learn new things from books.

What’s more, they have a real hope for their children’s future as they play a role in boosting their children’s success in school. Because of the knowledge they gain from reading books in libraries, they are confident that their families will achieve sustainable development due to the implementation of the acquired knowledge.

Based on its productivity, Hope of Family will continue to foster a culture of reading, counting and writing in adults from where they live.

What message do you give to adult’s literacy programs?

We wish them a very happy day and remind them that they must continue to benefit from the knowledge and use the knowledge gained to improve the well-being of their families and to take an active part in the education of their children.

We also urge them to continue to encourage the illiterate neighbours to attend adult education so that they can thrive from where they live with no one left behind.

We remind them to encourage literate peers to go to libraries near them so that they too can gain the skills that help them thrive.

We urge parents to keep this culture of reading since the knowledge gained will help them to achieve sustainable development.

Thank you.


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