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How Hope of Family uses Community Library to provide Literacy Skills to Beneficiaries

  • September 09th, 2020

Literacy is one of the pillars of sustainable development.

One of the objectives of Hope of Family is to promote adult literacy in community.

Hope of Family encourages adults who can’t read and write to join community literacy schools/ Community Library where they are formed until they are equipped with necessary Literacy Skills.

Mr. Mfateneza Emmanuel, the Executive Director of Hope of Family assured that “having knowledge and skills from literacy school, parents or adults will be able to assist their children during homework time, revisiting courses and they will be involved in children’ education so that kids can improve their school performance.”

He added that “Once adults are equipped with literacy skills, in that time they are also able to get effective knowledge and skills that can help them to improve their children education while improving social economics status of their families.”

Hope of Family has developed a module to coach parents in their children education in order to encourage well-coordinated parental practices in Children’ education.

This covers different aspects of education that also require direct involvement of parents in order to succeed.

Normally, Hope of Family volunteers have agreed to do an incredible job while assisting parents that are beneficiaries of Hope of Family be aware of potential ideas in education that could help children improve their grades.

It is also important to point out that parental coaching module does not only target education topics but also more topics that can help in improving social-economic status of beneficiaries especially at family level.

Some of those topics include agriculture practices, basic health and hygiene practices, saving culture, use of radios and cell phones to improve wellbeing and increase children’s school performance.

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